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Here are additional resources to read and share about secondhand smoke, e-cigarettes/”vapes,” quit smoking resources, and more!  If you don’t see something you’d like to have more information about, contact the ONE Step Team by emailing

Secondhand Smoke (SHS)-
Secondhand Smoke – Protect  Your Kids from It! (available in Spanish)
Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand Smoke Travels Through Walls
Tobacco Use and SHS Exposure High in Multi-Unit Housing (available in Spanish)

E-cigarettes / Vapes – Get the Facts! (available in Spanish)
E-cigarettes and Vapes
The Impact of E-cigarettes on the Lungs
What Are E-cigarettes?
What Is In E-cigarette Aerosol?
Who Is Using E-cigarettes?

How A Cigarette Is Engineered
What’s In A Cigarette?
“Smokeless” Doesn’t Mean “Safe”
The Flavor Trap
Downloadable Tobacco Prevention Prints & Posters
What It Means To You

Marijuana and Your Baby
Marijuana General Facts
Retail Marijuana: Tips for Parents
What You Need to Know About Marijuana Use and Driving
What You Need to Know About Marijuana Use in Teens
Retail Marijuana: Methods of Use
Marijuana Fast Facts and Fact Sheets

Quitting Tobacco-
Quit Smoking – Are You Ready? (available in Spanish)
The Hooked on Nicotine Checklist 
American Lung Association Smoking Cessation Programs Overview
Smokefree Policies in Multi-Unit Housing: Steps for Success
Medicaid Coverage to Quit Smoking
10 Ways to Get Through Your Work Day Without Tobacco

Smoke, Vape, Aerosol Free Guidance-
Smoke-Free, Vape Free, Aerosol Free Pledge (available in Spanish)
Letter to Parents From Organization About Smoke-Free Policy (available in Spanish)
Sample Childcare Center Smoke, Aerosol, and Tobacco-Free Policy & Procedures
Tobacco Free Policies for Businesses and Organizations 

Additional Resources-
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