ONE Step to a Smokefree Life for Caregivers/Parents

About ONE Step

ONE Step’s purpose is to help create smokefree environments for children everywhere through education, planning, and action.

ONE Step provides two ways to reach and educate parents about the importance of smokefree and aerosol-free places, better understand asthma, and provide resources for quitting smoking.

  1. The website provides education to parents or organizations serving parents about secondhand smoke, aerosol from e-cigarettes, asthma, and quitting smoking.
  2. Training is provided (online or in-person) for professionals serving parents, such as those working in childcare facilities, health agencies, Head Start, and other program staff, to support their efforts to raise awareness about secondhand smoke, e-cigarettes/vapes and aerosol from e-cigarettes/vapes, asthma, the importance of smokefree and aerosolfree environments, and build on their skills and resources to educate parents.

ONE Step also includes asthma education because asthma is the most common chronic condition in children.  Asthma education can help people identify and prevent flare-ups that may be caused by secondhand smoke or other environmental triggers. Asthma is the most common chronic condition in children. Helping children and caregivers understand what triggers asthma attacks and how to handle it allows kids to spend less time worrying about inhalers and more time just being kids.  After all, kids should be able to breathe easy knowing they are safe and protected no matter where they are.

Get The Facts

From the dangers of different types of smoke to the ins and outs of asthma and asthma management, understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together can be overwhelming.  We’ve broken it down into the need to know facts for you.

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Understanding Asthma

Kids with asthma don’t need to be held back or coddled; they are fully capable of living life to the fullest.  They just need a different set of tools to understand what they’re up against and how to manage it effectively.  We’ve got that covered.

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Ready to become the ONE Step advocate for your community?  We’ve got all the resources you need to successfully navigate conversations about using the ONE Step model to protect children from secondhand smoke exposure.

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Why ONE Step

Secondhand smoke kills approximately 50,000 people in the United States per year.  46,000 of those deaths are caused by heart disease while the remaining 4,000 come about from lung cancer.  Children are especially vulnerable to the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke, add a child with asthma and things get scary, fast.

When it comes to smoky environments and exposure to second- or thirdhand smoke, children’s exposure is involuntary.  That is why providing resources and cleaning up the environments children share on a daily basis is extremely important.  ONE Step helps to do this through education and accessible resources to engage professionals and parents in conversations focused on health outcomes and effects of secondhand smoke on children and providing steps to help them continue to protect their children.

Be ONE Step closer to protecting kids from secondhand smoke exposure